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Monday, 26 January 2009


by jamie

This Chinese New Year,

It had been a decade,

You’re away,

Without you around,

Things had change a lot,

I became more independent,

And steadier I would say,

To think back that time,

We did a lot of things together,

Like going for picnic across the sea,

The time we had wasn’t long,

Just a short 12 years,

I wish you were here with me,

To see me graduate,

And grow into a lady,

But all these will not happen,

As you’re gone,

No matter what,

You’ll still be in my heart,

I really miss you a lot,

I love you DAD.

i only have limited family photo...

i think this is the last family photo taken(with all family member in the picts)

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adri-enne said...

I'm sure he's proud of you. Always had and will be. You're a good daughter, Jamie. I still remember the year which you asked us how much we got for our ang pows, and when we asked you back, you said you couldn't celebrate it that year.

Well, continue to press on. Many joyous moments ahead. Happy New Year, Jamie.

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