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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

trip to KL...

during the May holiday, i'd been to KL for more than one week... a nice one week... i would like to share my experience in KL for one week.

i went there on the 14th of june till 22nd of june... the places i went to:
-mid valley mall
-one utama shopping mall
-SEGI college
-Sunway Pyramid, n of course Sunway Lagoon
-Time Square
-Lau Yatt IT mall

most of the places i went i surely visited JUSCo... my friend scolded me for visiting JUSCO only... hehehe... but to me, jusco have everything i need from foods to clothes, so ma go there lo...

Monday, 9 June 2008

try it

hey, fren... since one of my fren(LETT) shared with me her production that she did for her assignment in movie course, so i think it's a good idea for me to share with all of you. you guys can go to YOUTUBE and look for "Betrayal of Innocence". there are 4 parts of it... so enjoy the movie and give some comment so that she can improve... alamak i sound like a teacher... haiz...

Friday, 6 June 2008

Price is getting higher, will the workers pay too??

Yesterday midnight, the price of fuel was increased to RM2.70 per litre, an increase of almost RM 0.80 per litre. by the increase of price of fuel, it will lead to the increase of ALL products and services... this means that we are going to pay more than we have to pay now. Our daily expenses are getting higher and higher, but what about the PAYS??
All things are more expensive than before but the pays of the workers are not increase... so can they survive?? what if they have a big family and only the parents work? so how are they getting all the daily products? Let us think about it... haiz...
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