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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Good Luck

Dear friends,
for those who having your break,
enjoy them...
for those who's having study week,
STUDY k, don't do macam-macam till too late,
and for those who is having exam,
what are you doing here reading blogs?
hehehe, nolah, just kidding...
ALL THE BEST for your exam...
'chao' for now...
will not be updating my blog 4 quite some time,
exam season...
will update u guys after that,
as i will share my experience climbing mt. Kinabalu...

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A Mother's Promise

What do you think it is? It was the title of our drama. A drama created by us, for gender class. I took gender and literature as one of my course this semester and we were require to come up with one short drama (around 30 mins) which will lead to 40% out of our overall marks.

We presented the drama last Saturday, (4/4/09). We were the 5th group to present. Everyone was very nervous but luckily everything was well prepare, though we practiced for less than 10 times.

I haven't been acting for quite some time, after form6, as I don't really join any activities that requires acting skills. It was quite fun, and it reminds me of the days when i joined guide. I was really proud of that time.

Ok, back to the drama, we got 32 out of 40. Though it was quite high, but it's a bit low to us, as some other groups got 38, or even 40. All our hard work was worth it... That day was a real tiring day.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Happy Bday, my dear fren

Since I have not been updating my blog for quite sometime, this time I would like to dedicate this blog to my friend as today's is her birthday. Her 21st birthday. Happy birthday my dear friend...

Let me tell you something about her,
--> she is pretty
--> she is thin
--> she can write chinese character which I don't even know how to read(haiz...)
--> she know a lot of languages but she don't speak all of them
(hakka, cantonese, mandarin, japanese, english, bm)
--> surprisingly she is a MALAY that know all these languages...
so better don't talk behind her back with all these languages.

Anyway, Lyd, I would like to wish you Happy 21st Bday, hope that everything is 'soon soon li li' for u, and hope that you're happy alwiz. big big gal d, don't be naughty naughty k.

a picture of her... pretty kan...
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