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@bout M!3

Here goes something about muaaaaaaa....
  • a shorty...
  • a "moderate" in weight
  • mischievous IF you TRULY know me 
  • friendly IF you know me WELL
  • good IF you RARELY know me
  • easily emo (which include :) , :( , :@ , :O , : D , :X )
  • prefer baby BLUE than PINK (i don't know why i choose the pink picture as background)
  • i have a "GF" which is MY COUSIN (interested to know why, HERE)
  • don't like bitter stuff (so yup, i rarely "drink")
  • don't smoke 
  • don't like people scold bad words (such as F***)
  • don't like people scold ME with bad words (such as F***)
  • like adventures 
  • DISLIKE cockroaches (NOT AFRAID) 
  • can TALK a lot, but can also be very QUIET 
  • i LOVE beaches....
  • like PHOTOGRAPHY but still learning how to take GOOD photos
  • LOVE to EAT BUT hate getting FAT (who don't??)
  • dislike FRIENDS that I've known for quite some time that DON'T TRUST me...
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