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Monday, 28 January 2008

tr!p 2 kuNd@saNg...

On 26/1/07, I went out for a trip with my course mates to ‘Kundasang’. The trip was sure enjoyable although there were only 5 gals out of 19 people that were there. It took us almost two hours to reach there. On our way there, I saw beautiful sceneries that can rarely been seen in West Malaysia. Mount Kinabalu was like just beside us. ‘So near, yet so far’ is sure the appropriate description for the situation there. I even saw paddy fields. We saw scarecrows in the paddy field but it was not made from dried leaves. It was made from plastics. They just hang plastic bag on a stick. This season, the field is in green colour already waiting for it to harvest on May or June.

After that, we went to the hot spring. It was certainly better than the one in Langkawi. In certain pool, the hot water really can use to cook egg… Wah lou… so keng… I just go and ‘chim kah’, while the guys really played like crazy. We spend almost two hours there. Then we head towards the War Memorial, Kinabalu Park and the place where we can buy a lot of fruits and vegetables(not sure what is it call) but the vege there is not as cheap as I thought…

Oklah, I don’t want to crap a lot as pictures speak a thousand words. Therefore, I’ll include more photographs. All of us for sure had fun along the way… We went to ‘Gayang’ for seafood dinner. The dishes there were not bad, but personally I think I was a little too salty. We had five dishes and each person had to pay RM 20 for the food.(I think next month have to ‘ngai min pau’ de) It was sure an experience I can’t forget. Thanks for the opportunity, friends…
no words can describe the beauty...
all my course mates except for 3
guess how many people are there??

beautiful flowers... in war memorial

i'm sure having lotza fun

hmm... yummy, hey everybody, it's dinner time!!!

before and after

the FINALE!!!

Friday, 25 January 2008

mY 1st Day

Today is my first class ‘Bengkel’ or workshop in short. WE, the student of engineering school except for software engineer, are compulsory to take ‘BENGKEL KEJURUTERAAN’ course. “It should be fun,” I think… The bengkel is big. Here are some pictures of it.

tada… the BENGKEL… amazing, the1st time I stepped into it

We were divided into 3 big groups, where each group will learn to do different topics, and we are going to rotate. These are topics that we will be learning, ‘metal hand work’, ‘lathe machining’, and ‘welding’. I was in the 1st group where we are going to learn how to do metal hand work. In this group, are divided into pairs. The task wasn’t difficult to complete but it sure was tiring. Imagine that you need to saw and ‘kikir’ but it wasn’t wood. It’s METAL.

our tool box(let's see wats in it)
Let the professional do HER demo... hehehe...


'kikir-ing'.. it's fun when it's thin but if it's THICK,you'll die...

before drilling you must poke hole 1st...drilling will be easy

Then we need to drill it. It’s sure is fun to drill the thing. I’m surely having fun in my 1st class, but it definitely was tiring.

this will be how you look like after everything…

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

La Noche de Español

Buenos díaz, mis amigos, cómo estás?’ Sure you, my friends wondering what language am I speaking. It is Spanish, which means “Good morning, my friends how are you?” One week right before the Pesta Ang Pow event, there held another event – La Noche de Español (The Spanish Night). Proudly for me to say, I was involved in it. Although at first, I was trying my best not to get involved in this event, but unfortunately, LUCK is not by my side.

In UMS, we have to take foreign language if we got band 4 and higher in MUET examination. We have to take it for 4 semester. So, I took Spanish for foreign language. At the first class for the second semester, my lecturer came in to the class with a ‘very good’ news. She came and distributed a stack of papers to us. When all of us received the paper, she finally told us what it was. It’s the script for ‘choral speaking’. The thing I avoided for last semester. OMG

Let me tell you guys why I avoided it, the script was TWO pages long, with TWO columns in each page. It’s easy you might think, but one thing you must know is, the whole script was in SPANISH and we have LESS than ONE WEEK to practice. Now you see my reason… We practiced everyday from 5p.m. to 7p.m. I can still coop with it but its kind of tiring as I’d class from morning (as early as 8am) till evening (almost 4pm) almost every single day except Friday.

On the real day, I was quite angry during the day as they really made us waited for so long by doing nothing. We practiced from 8am till around 12pm. Then, we went for lunch. After that, we waited for around 2 hours to continue our practice but in the end, we were allowed to go back to dress up for the night without practicing. That’s the reason we were angry. Let’s cut the story short again. We went back to have a rest and get dressed up for the night. We were told to be at the Recital Hall, the place where we are going to make our performance, by 6 o’clock, so we went to wait for the bus at 5.05 pm. We were so unfortunate that the bus just went off. So we waited for another bus. We waited for another hour for the bus to fetch us there.

Ok. We reached there, had practice a few times before the show. Every single one of us was so so so NERVOUS. It’s normal, I think. If you’re not nervous to perform in front of hundreds of people, then you must be abnormal. Let me briefly tell you about the event of that night. It all started with an opening dance- a modern one. Then they had this drama, an altered version of ‘Romeo y Julieta’ (Romeo and Juliet) the UMS style, then of course our CHORAL SPEAKING entitled ‘Visite A Malasia’ (Visit Malaysia), luckily I didn’t make any mistakes, if not sure very very *phai sheh* one. Then a few dances, one of it was the Flamingo Dance. After that, we had another drama performance by the level 2 student, the famous ‘Betty La Fia’ (Ugly Betty). Overall, all the performances turned out better than what I’d expected. It was definitely a fun and memorable night. Before I end this, let me give you guys a simple lesson of Spanish (daily expression) that I’d learn before.

Buenas noches = good night
Buenas tardes = good afternoon/ evening
Buenos díaz = good morning

¿Cómo estás? = How are you?
Bien, gracias. = Fine, thank you.
¡Adiós! = Good bye.
¡Hasta luego/ pronto! = See you later/soon.

This is some of it. Next time, I’ll ‘teach’ more… Hehehe… For now adios

during the practice

Monday, 21 January 2008


Last sem during Oct, right after my birthday, we had a trip to LABUANSuk Qian is studying there, so I asked for her help to look for a place to overnight as we planned to stay over for one night. Let me see, how many people going? If I’m not mistaken, it supposed to be 15, I guess…

The previous day, I slept at almost 1 o’clock in the morning and the next day woke up at around 5.30 in the morning. This was because we had to go to the jetty early to buy the ticket to Labuan as we still haven’t purchase one. Hui Jing, Kar Yee, Lettecia and me took the first cab there so we manage to buy the economic class ferry, but too bad no student price for us as we were too late. I felt so sorry for my other friends as they HAD to buy the FIRST CLASS because the economy class tickets were SOLD OUT.

the one with ECONOMY tickets...

the ones with FIRST Class...

Let’s cut it short, we reached at Labuan around 11.30. At the meantime waiting for my friend, Suk Qian to arrive, we went to have FOOD… All of us were like the hungry ghost. Being in the ferry for 3 hours and taking breakfast way too early will definitely made your stomach ‘kkrrruuuu’… hehehe… The food there memang can’t banding with KK, apatah lagi PENANG. Haiz… The drinks have no taste at all except for the can and bottle drinks.

There weren’t many things in Labuan. It’s kind of bored lifestyle compare to KK. But at least in a lifetime, must go there to have ‘experience’… The BIGGEST shopping complex, UK, (not United Kingdom but stands for UJANA KEWANGAN) consist of TWO floors, can you imagine that?? Many of us bought chocolate. Even though it’s cheap there, but I still feel that LANGKAWI is cheaper.

One thing really ‘phaih seh’ that happened to me was, I felt and was laughed by the worker there who was maintaining the place. *sobb...sobb* The funniest, unforgettable, memorable and unbelievable thing that happened to us when we were there was ‘stealing’ other person’s wine. At first, I thought of being a very kind by helping my friend to carry their ‘buy-ing’ for them. Mana tau, it turned out not theirs, and by the time we know it, it was too late because we already reached KK.

right after i fall...

Let me describe to you how this thing can happen. At first, Ah Jin was buying chocolates and wine in the duty-free store. Then, he went out to settle the rental for the car. Here comes the very kind person, which was ME, asking Yan, whose bags of wine was there. Although Yan doesn’t really sure whose was it, told me that it was Ah Jin’s. Therefore I took all the wines to the waiting area. That time, we don’t really ask whose it was belonging to until when we went through custom. But not all of us went through together, so we just take it through custom with a little help from here and there, as there were too many litres of wine.

So we ask them when we enter the ferry, and it turned out to be the owner of these wine was not us. So sad… but anyway, all the wine cost roughly about RM150 to RM200. Kesian that person only… muz be very ‘sim tiah’. So this the story of how we get hold of those wine. THANK YOU to SUK QIAN for the accommodation provided to us. Although we stayed inside the UMS KAL campus but it sure wasn’t easy to find a place to accommodate 15 people. It was sure an unforgettable trip.

actually not allow to wear, but since no one there, NO HARM trying...

after everything...

Sunday, 20 January 2008

PESTA ANG POW – an event that I went to yesterday. It is held every year and can be considered one of the biggest events held in UMS. This is because they are open to the public too, yes which means anyone can come in to watch as long as they have a TICKET.

Although this was a big event, it didn’t really impress me the way I expected it to be. There were only a few events that really impressed me. But before that, just want to inform you guys that I went there with my roommates and friends. There were six of us, and they are, my roommate of course, Yan, Sook Ni, Ching Hun, Shing Yeu, Chong En, and definitely I’m included.

The opening event was a singing by a few UMS students. My friend, Eeleen was in it too. The opening didn’t really wow me because their sounds don’t really turn out well. All because of the stupid microphones. Then they had a play on 12 chinese zodiac and it’s a newer version. ‘Ba Ye’ was in the play and, hmmm, he acted quite well. That’s roughly about the opening show.

In the event, there was another performance from Eeleen. This time, she was duet-ing with a guy but I still think she is better. She even played guitar which make her even better. Really fascinating. After that, we were stunned by the 24 ‘jie ling’ which mean drums. They were played by primary school student and they were cute and great at the same time.

Another performance that caught my eye was the lion dance performance but unfortunately I missed the first half because nature calls… hehehe… Their stuns were really dangerous and they almost fell but they manage to pull everything up. That makes them really great and deserves big and loud applause…*clap hand

There was another performance that I like it very much. It was the performance performed by PPIB Mandarin class. Although they were not Chinese, they all sang Chinese song, and their mandarin, I would say better than me 5 to 10 times. So phaih seh

There was this performance from a local artist, NICK CHUNG, but I’m not sure who he really is. He sang quite a number of songs. Anyway, this event seems like more to his concert than PESTA ANG POW, I thought, but RM 5 for a ticket to the ‘concert’ is sure worth it, right?

I think that’s all for Pesta Ang Pow, overall it’s a great job.BRAVO, my friend. Forgot to mention this, many of my friends were the AJK of this event…

some of my course mate and I

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