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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

La Noche de Español

Buenos díaz, mis amigos, cómo estás?’ Sure you, my friends wondering what language am I speaking. It is Spanish, which means “Good morning, my friends how are you?” One week right before the Pesta Ang Pow event, there held another event – La Noche de Español (The Spanish Night). Proudly for me to say, I was involved in it. Although at first, I was trying my best not to get involved in this event, but unfortunately, LUCK is not by my side.

In UMS, we have to take foreign language if we got band 4 and higher in MUET examination. We have to take it for 4 semester. So, I took Spanish for foreign language. At the first class for the second semester, my lecturer came in to the class with a ‘very good’ news. She came and distributed a stack of papers to us. When all of us received the paper, she finally told us what it was. It’s the script for ‘choral speaking’. The thing I avoided for last semester. OMG

Let me tell you guys why I avoided it, the script was TWO pages long, with TWO columns in each page. It’s easy you might think, but one thing you must know is, the whole script was in SPANISH and we have LESS than ONE WEEK to practice. Now you see my reason… We practiced everyday from 5p.m. to 7p.m. I can still coop with it but its kind of tiring as I’d class from morning (as early as 8am) till evening (almost 4pm) almost every single day except Friday.

On the real day, I was quite angry during the day as they really made us waited for so long by doing nothing. We practiced from 8am till around 12pm. Then, we went for lunch. After that, we waited for around 2 hours to continue our practice but in the end, we were allowed to go back to dress up for the night without practicing. That’s the reason we were angry. Let’s cut the story short again. We went back to have a rest and get dressed up for the night. We were told to be at the Recital Hall, the place where we are going to make our performance, by 6 o’clock, so we went to wait for the bus at 5.05 pm. We were so unfortunate that the bus just went off. So we waited for another bus. We waited for another hour for the bus to fetch us there.

Ok. We reached there, had practice a few times before the show. Every single one of us was so so so NERVOUS. It’s normal, I think. If you’re not nervous to perform in front of hundreds of people, then you must be abnormal. Let me briefly tell you about the event of that night. It all started with an opening dance- a modern one. Then they had this drama, an altered version of ‘Romeo y Julieta’ (Romeo and Juliet) the UMS style, then of course our CHORAL SPEAKING entitled ‘Visite A Malasia’ (Visit Malaysia), luckily I didn’t make any mistakes, if not sure very very *phai sheh* one. Then a few dances, one of it was the Flamingo Dance. After that, we had another drama performance by the level 2 student, the famous ‘Betty La Fia’ (Ugly Betty). Overall, all the performances turned out better than what I’d expected. It was definitely a fun and memorable night. Before I end this, let me give you guys a simple lesson of Spanish (daily expression) that I’d learn before.

Buenas noches = good night
Buenas tardes = good afternoon/ evening
Buenos díaz = good morning

¿Cómo estás? = How are you?
Bien, gracias. = Fine, thank you.
¡Adiós! = Good bye.
¡Hasta luego/ pronto! = See you later/soon.

This is some of it. Next time, I’ll ‘teach’ more… Hehehe… For now adios

during the practice

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