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Saturday, 19 January 2008

What is ur THought??? SABaH??

WHat Is your reaction when you hear this word--> SABAH??? a very ulu place? all forest with orang asli all around?? but let me tell you something, your perception is ALMOST all wrong...

SABAH, is a beautiful place. It is full with beautiful sceneries, fresh air and most of all free from pollution. Yes, it might be slower in development but it is not as ulu as every thought. Before I was here, I too have this thought. I applied to study here. It was my first choice. Everyone ask, “Are you crazy? Why did you applied for Sabah? It’s like so far away and ‘ulu’.” Everyone would say it that way but I don’t really think so, therefore I accepted the offer to study here. I’d been here for half a year and frankly speaking, I really love this place. Although it’s not as canggih as Penang or KL, but it’s a place I ever wanted and dream for. The lifestyle here is very simple and that is what I hope for.

My ever dream life is to have a house, cottage style with a small farm or garden, sharing that life with a person I love. To achieve that, first I must be able to find this place. Then only think about the rest.

the beautiful scene from Mt. Kinabalu

WHERE else can u find these sceneries??

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