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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Take some time to think

Let me ask you guy one simple question. 
When was the last time you go picnic with your family either at beaches or gardens, or spending quality time with whole family doing some family stuff, if u know what I mean??
Me, I don’t even really remember the last time I went for picnic as it was quite some time already. 
So take this time and think, many of us are busy with workloads, school stuff and etc. and neglected to quality time with family. 
Yes, work = money = have a more comfortable life, but is there real happiness in it? 
What is life without happiness? What is money if there is no happiness??

Here in Sabah, yes, life maybe a bit slow, but it's rather relaxing. Every weekends, i can see families go for picnic by the SEASIDE... Truthfully, i can rarely see this in Penang, KL or other place where the seaside filled with families other than tourists. 
Really reminded me of the old days where i used to go picnic with my family... treasure time with families and friends... they are what matters....
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