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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A Mother's Promise

What do you think it is? It was the title of our drama. A drama created by us, for gender class. I took gender and literature as one of my course this semester and we were require to come up with one short drama (around 30 mins) which will lead to 40% out of our overall marks.

We presented the drama last Saturday, (4/4/09). We were the 5th group to present. Everyone was very nervous but luckily everything was well prepare, though we practiced for less than 10 times.

I haven't been acting for quite some time, after form6, as I don't really join any activities that requires acting skills. It was quite fun, and it reminds me of the days when i joined guide. I was really proud of that time.

Ok, back to the drama, we got 32 out of 40. Though it was quite high, but it's a bit low to us, as some other groups got 38, or even 40. All our hard work was worth it... That day was a real tiring day.

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