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Monday, 5 July 2010

sudden decision

Have u ever make a certain decision in less than an hour??
or do something in a sudden manner??

this was what happened last saturday...
It was a NORMAL Saturday morning... I slept until 11.00am
(YA, i know, BUT it's THE ONLY DAY i can sleep till that late)

After bathing and ate BRUNCH, I felt BORED!!! There were only 2 of us at home (my roommate and I), so out of a sudden I decide wanted to go to MALACCA to meet my laling, BF, my kia and aunt... (although it had been in my mind for weeks to go malacca to meet daphne, but the decision made on that saturday before 12noon-which means less than 1 hour)

so I googled for information on buses and the time and place of departure (wow, really thankful I have a Broadband) and I found out that the nearest pick up point is at Putrajaya Sentral which was like 5 mins from my house if I take a bus(which only cost me rm0.50 to go there).

So I called and confirmed the details with the company TRANSNATIONAL... went to the bus station at 2.00pm to buy bus ticket, then I had to wait for 2 more hours before starting the journey to Malacca.

I felt it was like a dream... Make a decision to go Malacca and went to buy the ticket right away... without any planning notice (I do called my daughter to confirm her availability) and returned the next night... though, it was a great trip i would say despite the queuing and waiting... hehehe, photos will be up soon...

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