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Thursday, 31 December 2009

End of 2009

Left a few more hours to 2010...
Let's flash back what I'd been through and accomplished in 2009:

Conquer Mt. Kinabalu
(highest achievement of the year)

Lose about EIGHT kilos of WEIGHT...
(2nd highest achievement... heheh... will try to maintain my current weight)

Learned more RECIPES
(which includes baking and cooking)

Learned how to be MORE SS 
(go to my FB and u will know why...
not really to be proud of but who cares)

More hang-outs with FRIENDS
(catch up with them were so much fun, some haven't been meeting for YEARS,
even the just stay a few house apart from me)

Been to Malacca
(Was 2 days 1 night with Lett and stayed at Cicak's house)

Learned Mahjong game
(trying to improve now... but still a long way to go...
MJ anyone during CNY???)

Improvement in Presentation
(braver and bolder)

Photography taking
(still learning on it...)

that's all i can think of... maybe there were more but anyway, towards the END of the year, I really HAD so much FUN and GREAT TIME...

to all my friends, no matter where u are, or where u from, this is for U...
Mis amigos, se amo a todos!!!

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