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Monday, 25 January 2010

Rafting at Padas

Last saturday, went to Padas White Water Rafting(Level 3 and 4). Went with my coursemates and Uni friends.
total people for the trip was 41. 20 gals and 21 guys. so we occupied 5 rafts. the gal and guys were 'distributed' equally into each raft.
my 'raftmates' were M.Fei, Seng, Sim, Fugoh, Yen, STELA, and QYing.
So include me there were 10(2 guides, MARTIN and PONG) in the raft.

early in the morning, everyone gathered at their respectives bus stop to wait for the transport.
We reached at Beaufort Train Station at about 10.15am. We took the train to our start point.
The journey was around 75-90 minutes(didn't keep track of the time).
and i can say the train is the 'old fashion' type, with NO AIR-COND and 'poot-poot' sound when it horns.
the journey was a bit torturing, as we didn't have enough seats for everyone(there were others in that trip).
and it's a bit like a slower version of roller coaster. hehehe

reach the start point and we were given some refreshments(sliced cakes and watermelons, *real refreshing)
after refreshment we were given the talk on "safeness" which was kind of interesting the way they demonstrated. then we headed to the river to start our EXCITING JOURNEY.
they had different and FUNNY names for different area of waves such as big mama, big papa, cobra, 
washing machine, scooby dooby doo...
thanks to our guides, proudly i can say that our raft didn't overturn and none of us in the raft fell into the water UNWILLINGLY...
my raftmates and me jump willingly into the water when we reached the 'calm' area...
It's a nice place to 'swim' as this is the 1st place where the water is NOT SALTY i'd been to in Sabah. hahahah

when we rafted, and we were in front of some other friends, we could see that the raft went quite high up,
and all of us were a bit of surprise that we managed to get through that waves. but of course it was fun.
and we had to 'rescue' some 'floaters' that fell off from their raft... hahaha

since there were 8 of us, and a raft only requires 6 paddlers(excludes the guides), so 2 of us will be the 'puller'. from the word, you can see what it means, to pull the paddlers so they don't fall into the water.
i tried both positions and i still prefer to be a paddler. it's more challenging and exciting. hehehe
really enjoyed the trip very much. thanks jia yaw and joy for organising.

The pictures will be in the next post as i still haven't get the photos from my friends. Looking forward for the next rafting trip... Oppsss, my eldest sis will kill me if saw this... hahahah...

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