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Thursday, 25 December 2008

getting a key

IN where i lived, a key symbolized freedom, given to the child by their parents when they turn 21. this year is my turn. although this is not my real date, it's just a sharing. Anyway, i gotten my key way earlier. A key to house when i was form 1 or 2, a key for car and motorcycle when i'm form six, so that's really freedom to me.

THE fun part is, when i turned 21, i didn't any keys from my family member. Instead, i got it from a friend. She gave it to me as a birthday present. so nice of her. But i still hutang her, her birthday present that i promised to make her 1... sabar la ya... having some technical problem.

A of my friends celebrating their 21st b'day this year. But i can say mine was extraordinary. wana know why? I celebrated for 4 times. ya, you hear me right, 4 TIMES. the 1st 'party' was thrown to me by my coursemates. they bought KFC, drinks and a cake... really nice of them... then the 2nd 'party' was thrown to me by mine 2nd sis in SABAh... she and her friends cooked for me on the real date. i invited some of my friends to attend.

THEN the 3rd 'party' was with 'YEYE' family. a family bond i formed with some of my friends. they are really nice. and most of them are gals. most importantly, AVAILABLE. so guys... if u wana look for one, juz tell me... hehehe

WHEN i return to my hometown, i have the 4th party. of course this was with my family and closest friends. unfortunately, 2 of them cant attend as they were busy with their work... THis year's birthday was the most memorable of all... thanks guys for all ur hardwork and PRESENTS... i really appreciate it...

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