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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My Journey of Internship start here

It’s been already ONE week since I stepped my foot on Putrajaya. Many would wonder why am I here in Putrajaya? Currently I’m doing my practical or many would say internship in CYBERJAYA in a company named IC Microsystem Sdn. Bhd. I would proudly say I’d gone through my 1st week.

It surely wasn’t easy to go through the first week. My work started at 8.30 am every Monday till Friday (yeah!! I have all Saturday and Sunday to myself) and ended at 5.30 p.m. It was quite an experience working in this company. There are roughly almost 100 interns and I was in the last batch. Everyone was placed in the same office, and we were given these few things:
-whole set of desktop
-drawers with locks

I was quite unlucky in the 1st two days of work. We have tasks given beginning of the week and needed to be handed over at the end of the week. On the 1st day, I didn’t receive the desktop until lunch time, where else every other interns were reading on the task that were given.

The second day was even worst as I couldn’t even ON my desktop. It was frustrating looking at others doing their ‘assignments’ where I’m sitting there doing NOTHING. It was only fixed an hour before lunch time. wow… thanks goodness…

Then I started to look for info about the topic in the assignment. The whole week was about facing the computer the WHOLE DAY, looking for INFORMATION for our assignments and PRESENTATION on layout of IC.

It wasn’t as interesting as compared to some of my coursemates where they were able to go out and fixed some hardwares but what I can say is, it’s better than those place that have nothing to do at all (can’t write report if there’s nothing to do… ehehehhe)

Saturday and Sunday were interesting. Although my coursemate (K.Ain) that rent the room with me went back her house (her house in Shah Alam) and I was left at the house in putrajaya , but it didn’t stop me from going out to explore. I asked my other housemates on how to go around by bus…

It was a coincidence where there’s a carnival in Putrajaya this weekends. It’s JOM HEBOH… interesting!!! Since I don’t really have anything to do yet except for presentation slides, I decided to take bus to that carnival. Hehehe… it’s bigger than what I expected. I walked around for about a few hours. Then went home feeling exhausted. That was a Saturday spent.

On Sunday, at first I planned to go to Alamanda, but in the end I changed my mind and went to Mydin instead. The groceries there is cheaper compare to Carrefour in Alamanda. I waited the bus for almost one hour. It’s was hot and tiring so I quickly buy the things when I reached there. When I reached home, I took a nap for 2 hours and half.

So this is how my 1st week in a place that I’m unfamiliar with. This week will be a brand new week for me. Hopefully it will be an interesting one… heheheh
table with NOTHING when i arrived
table with everything by LUNCH time... hahhahah

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