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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Report on Kelly Bay...( a very very long post)

I went to Kelly Bay with my friends and course mates on Tuesday, 22nd September. I was quite excited in the morning. The lunch was not prepared for that day so I woke up quite early in the morning to prepare breakfast for my SISTER and MYSELF… At the same time, I also prepared lunch box for my trip.

We set off at 11am. We went there by school bus (ya, you hear me right… the bus that school use to go to school) due to the number of people going. Can you guess how many?? The total people following the trip were 21 people.

We reached at Kelly Bay at about 1pm. At about 2.30pm, we were given a briefing on the safety of the water sports (kayaking, banana boat, wave surfing and paddling) where we need to wear the safety jacket at all times.

First, I went for paddling with SY. I was a bad navigator as I can’t really steer to the direction that we wanted to go. Suddenly, I saw a BIG CENTIPEDE (about 10cm long) crawling towards me. I was quite afraid at that time, and both SY and I were bare footed. We didn’t have anything to hit the centipede. Then, MF and T came to the rescue. Hehehe….

Both SY and I quickly return to the shore. I dare not go for paddling anymore after that. Then, after waiting for a long time, it’s my turn. It’s time for BANANA BOAT. There were 5 of us, JY, Leoo, MS, TM and me. The boatman made us fell into the water for 4 times. Luckily there were many ‘muscular men’ in the group where they really helped MS and I climbed onto the banana boat.

Then, I went for wave surfing. It’s a bit different from the western country surfing where people stand on the surf board. Here, we just lie down on the surf board. Before we were able to lie down on the board, we had to walk through the wave to further in the sea. I walked till I was really tired. I played only 2-3 times, and then I went for banana boat ride again.

This time, there were 6 of us, MF, KC, Jun, Karen, KH and me. This was the last banana boat ride for that day, and we were lucky enough because the boatman took us to the sea. The ride was BUMPY and full with adventure and excitement because there were big waves. There was a time where I was quite scare as the boat that brought us to there went up almost 90 degree. It’s so scary to look at it. Then, three of us, Jun, KH and me fell into the ‘angry’ sea. Now, I know what’s like to be in a sea full of high waves and that time, you can only hope people to come to the rescue because you can’t really move even you tried to swim very hard. It was a SCARY but GREAT experience (you must think I’m crazy to say that)…

After the ride, I was very exhausted but still I went to play football with my friends. MC and I was the goal keeper as we were the only gals that joined the game. Time passed as we played, and it’s getting dark. We went for a bath before dinner time.

After dinner we set up our tent at the beach. Then, they worker at Kelly Bay lit up the campfire and we took lots of photos with ‘it’. Later, we played some games such as ‘killer’ and ‘truth or dare’. That night a few of us was quite unlucky as we were the victims for ‘truth or dare’ game (I was the most UNLUCKY one). In the DARE, I was asked to do sum stuff such as hug MF and pinched MF in the butt. Luckily it’s just a game.

Suddenly, there was a change in the weather where the wind blew strongly and we due to that, we had to ‘transfer’ our tent into the dining area. After some games and pillow talks, most of us went to ‘bed’. Some slept in the tent where the rest prefer sleeping in the open air at the dining area. The open aired was my choice and it was a BAD CHOICE because there were a lot of mosquitoes. Since I was wearing a long pants and shirt, so ‘their’ target was my face. There was one that ‘kissed’ my lips. I can’t really sleep that night, keep waking up in the middle of the night.

The next morning, I woke up at about 6am and went for a morning walk with JY, MF, MS, SY, YS, and T. We walked along the beach and took some pictures. Then we return for breakfast. I took some noodles, bihun, a few sausages and 2 eggs.

Later we had stations games. There were only 3 stations. 1st game was ‘sumpit’. I forgot to mention, there were 10 people in a group. The 2nd game was ‘long flops’ (I’m not sure of the name) and the 3rd game was eating game (something like survivor show where you will have to eat raw and crazy food). JY, MS, YS and S had to eat ‘sago worm’, and it’s alive when they brought it out!!! Imagine the worm moving… eekss… And what I got, a RAW EGG… If I know earlier, I will not take 2 EGGS in the morning… Some advice, DON’T take the egg slowly… Just SWALLOW in one mouth… Luckily, we won, and each of us got one ice-cream. Yummmyy….

After the station game, we had some time before we leave the place. So I went to paint ‘batik’ (not really expensive, RM 5 per piece, other place will be more expensive). I’m not really good in colouring but I’m happy with the outcome. 

Around 1pm, we went back. On the way back home, we stop by for coconut pudding and ‘lokam’ (a type of shells). For a real hot day, a cold and sweet coconut pudding will be soothing. I reached home about 2.30pm and I slept right after I reached. 

From the trip, I got myself a self paint batik, beautiful memories with friends and not forgotten SUNBURNED over face and shoulder. Till today, I still have a ‘blushed’ face… hehehe…

some random pictures...

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